Monday, March 27, 2017

Are Small Businesses have an Edge over Hybrid Apps?

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Although it is quite a gradual process to develop to the size of large enterprise. Some businesses are ideally adapted to operate on a small scale for years, may be in order to serve local community and bring forth sufficient profit in order to attend company owners as well as serving local community. Small scale businesses that demonstrate distinguishable set of attributes that can set them independent from other large contender.

Are hybrid apps conducing for small-scale businesses?

As far as proper delineation of hybrid apps are concerned, then this is a combination of native as well as web technologies. Hence it offers the bits and pieces of both the type of apps. Undermentioned are some of the benefits of hybrid apps that can satisfy the needs of small scale businesses and can make their journey from small business to large corporations seamless. But before that it is quite essential to properly understand the concept of hybrid apps.

Proper delineation of hybrid apps

Although we have undertaken a long journey from websites to mobile apps where we were under great uncertainty whether we should employ mobile websites or apps but the former could not gained ground since it could not ensure a better user experience. Now this perplexity again started between native apps and hybrid apps, but now that it has to be selected very judiciously for future survival. 
Hybrid apps can be chosen very conveniently since it seamlessly delivers a web app that is a part of native Android or iOS application. Unlike web apps, it does not look for instalment and can be directly launched from the app catalogue smoothly in the mobile browsers. Since these apps delivered as a part of the native apps, hence all the characteristics of native applications can be laid down very easily for instance, policies can be easily applied to a hybrid app where you just need to sign in with the signing server and download history that can be tracked by employing reports.

Since it provides access to the application functionality without inclusion of fully developed browser, the main feature behind is the web app that exhibited in an embedded web view and also interface options that enables links to open tabs as well as URL Access lists.

Are hybrid apps satisfy all the features of small business?

Now that the small businesses are discovering the values of mobile apps both for the sake of proper synchronisation of business processes as well as engaging with the customers in a better way. It serves an access to data over camera and phone’s GPS which enhances the functionality essential to live up to the essence of small scale businesses.

Are hybrid apps capable to meet the ultimate standard of perfection by considering the cost factor?

Small scale business revenue is certainly lower than that of the large-scale enterprises. Hence cost is prioritised more especially small scale businesses. This apps consists of HTML 5 web app within a “native “wrapper. Since these apps are mobile apps that are written by employing HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 and then gather together into native Android, iOS as well as mobile platforms by utilising wrapper technologies such as Cordova or PhoneGap. These apps can be run over multiple platforms, hence it is quite cheaper to fabricate the app.

This technology has come up with various attributes where hybrid app developmentcis still the most persuasive option by considerable proportion of cost saving followed by time consumption as well as suitability to run over any platform and device. Hybrid apps are quite favourable in case you are contented with moderate user experience, or not cognizant enough to build the interactive and rich media apps or speed is not significant for you. Hence hybrid apps are ideal in case small scale are trying to examining its model but you are ambivalent about the idea.

Does it possess any vulnerability factor?

With the advent of cross-platform development tools such as Xamarin, it has enabled to create the most amazing and innovating hybrid apps with higher user experience. Since it is capable enough to run on the multiple platform, hybrid apps are quite favourable on various aspects. It is incapable to match the flexibility as well as power of native apps.  The main reason behind is the employment of local OS resources which makes it superior over hybrid apps.

Analogously security also depends on how fortified your backend is, number of layers of security added up, method of encryption employed and utilisation of tokenisation etc.
Hence hybrid app development approach should be used depending upon the use case rather than generic basis.

Ease of fabricating apps

The concept of web technology is aware by the mobile application development companies as compared to native coding. Hence there are multiple of resources as well as mobile app developer to deliver the same by ensuring money as well as time conservation.

Are hybrid apps establish itself for small businesses in future?
Although it is correct that wind is blowing in favour of hybrid apps. This concept has been further manifested by the convenient scaling. It is quite easy to scale by spreading over the platforms as well operating systems. Since it ensures simplified coding that can be reused, hence it does not look for any requirement to build the entire app from scratch. So, it seems future is quite optimistic.

Although there are various factors which are still superior in native over hybrid, but this has been taken by the top crossplatform mobile development company to take advancement with respect to hybrid as a challenge and can successfully overcome all the limitations to make it as equivalent to the native apps. 


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